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Baby’s First Test is 6 Months Old!

  • What a six months it has been! We are excited to have added new condition pages, a clickable state map, a video produced in partnership with March of Dimes, and some great resources and toolkits for providers. We also have wonderful Consumer Task Force and Challenge Award programs in full swing and can’t wait to discuss their incredible work! Over the next six months we are excited to keep rolling out new features including a glossary to help make sure everyone is on the same page with all of the terms we use in newborn screening.

    As part of our celebration, we will be joining March of Dimes on twitter for a #pregnancychat. The chat will take place on Tuesday, March 20 at 1pm ET. This is a great way to talk directly to the experts and get all of your questions about newborn screening answered.



    Since the launch, our team has also grown by one. Welcome, baby Katya! We were all excited to meet her and hear about her first hand newborn screening experience. Things are moving quickly around here- stay tuned for our next site additions!


    Happy, happy birthday, Baby's First Test! I predict a very bright future.

    Welcome Baby Katya! and Happy birthday @babysfirsttest ! I am excited to be part of the consumer task force and look forward to continuing to spread awareness about newborn screening! KSW

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